Life in the Ideological Oubliette Pt 1

I’ve come to the sad realization that I’m not really good at belonging to a political party. Now to some that know me, they probably would accept this statement as more proof that I’m special – in the little bus meaning of the word – because they figured that out some time ago. I’d like to belong but really, what are my choices?

The provincial Liberals? Well, I could try and summon some moral outrage at private car insurance. Have the physical fortitude to rage on the same topic in question period long past the point when even Craig Chandler would have shut up and sit down (note to self – need wattles. Nothing expresses indignation like flying wattles). Go on a hunger strike in support of practical, applied research in agricultural technology and best farming practices. But none of these really do much for me and seem kind of irrelevant. But what about being a big tent party? Sure, as long as no one tries to move the pegs from where they’re firmly cemented into the ground just to the right of the NDP. And never consider pitching it farther away than Leduc.

How about the Conservatives? I have the feeling I wouldn’t be too welcome. Now, I’m not one of the instantly unwelcome types – I don’t own anything tie-died, my opposition to the New World Order is limited to the fact that it wasn’t ELO’s best album and, although I’ve owned a Volkswagen it blew a bit of blue smoke. I’m pro-family enough that I actually have one, I know that a man’s suit jacket should have two button not three, and I’ve never used the word “commune” or “collective” in anything I’ve ever written … well, until now I guess. The problem is that the PC’s lost their way sometime around the time of Peter Lougheed’s departure and have only had one goal ever since – being in power. And I find that even less appealing.

What I’m interested in finding are folks who do truly seem to care about what is best for the people they are looking to represent. People not there to defend an ideology, not in it for the money and not doing it to simply gain power. So, I guess while I ‘m not really interested in being a good party member, I am interested in working with very good people.