Do As I Say, Not as I Do: Alberta NDP Finances Part1

(I’ve created a wiki page with links at Paul’s Poliwiki  on the Calgary & District New Democrat House Society.  Please reference that for timelines and documents.)

Over the past month much has come to light about a registered non profit society the “Calgary& District New Democrat House Society”. Both Jason Nixon, the Wildrose Accountability Critic and Greg Clark,the leader of the Alberta Party have researched different aspects of this organization.  Jason Nixon discovered it to be an organization open only to and run by members of the Alberta NDP that guarantees the Alberta NDP’s $400 000 line of credit using a commercial bay as collateral.  Greg Clark noted that the society rented the space to both the Alberta NDP and the Calgary and District Labour Council, a registered provincial lobbyist.

Now nothing gets under my skin more than “do as I say not as I do” and the NDP have been doing a lot of saying lately.  So I started researching their doing.  And here’s what I found:

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The Alberta Liberal Party’s Uncivil War

The last minute decision to parachute an Alberta Liberal candidate into Calgary Elbow makes little sense as an election strategy. It diverts funds and volunteers from other campaigns and highlights the Liberal’s inability to attract a local candidate. Proposed candidate John Roggeveen brings neither money, followers nor profile to the table. The one thing he does have to offer is blind loyalty to the Alberta Liberal Party brand and the camp of leader David Swann.
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